Hello dedicated leechers, Kajii here! Well, NoName-Scans is currently planning to merge with imangascans.  Have no fear, our projects will still be done. It’ll just be scanlated by imangascans instead. Our team will be joining imangascans as well. I hope you’ll continue to support us, ^_^ Enjoy our release!!

SO VISITING AT WWW.IMANGASCANS.COM so thank you to support us!!!

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Update on Kurohime

Okay, a lot of people been asking when the next chapter of kurohime going to be release, how long it takes us to release one, and yada yada yada.. Well here’s the answer.  Justrandom and I, we do the typesetting for kurohime.  Of course summer just ended (couldnt really get much done) and school days are finally here.  Haven’t had much time to do anything T_T.. With school starting again, its been hellish. Since this is our senior year, releases been slow because we haven’t been typestting much due to school.

BUT! If you all could be patient like you’ve all been (thank you! >.<), then it’ll give us a couple of days to get a couple of kurohime chapters typesetted without complaints 😀 😀 We’re usually fast typestters so expect a lot of kurohime releases next week^^ And this time we really mean it!

When Kajii sees this, he’ll be freaken happy XD

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Kurohime 47

Sorry for delay >_< our staffs were busy during summer so right now, we are back to normal so we can keep release our normal pace so the next release end of volume 14, will be side story it is about like 100 pages 🙂 so ENJOY!!

We are recruiting Japanese, Chinese, and Korean translatorsso come and join us and you could choice your project you wish to translation..if we likes the series, we will do it :)

Special Thanks to Mel_Luv_Anime for Translation, Solowing for Cleaning and lastly Kitkatz/Justrandom for proofread and typesetting



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Gintama 108-109

Enjoy new Chapters Gintama and Chapter 108 is version 2 so enjoy ^_^

Why im using this wordpress because that i unable to afford to renew another year for server so i decide to use this so I’m sorry 😦 so hopeful in future able to get another server maybe i will considers to get irc bots. ( will closing by Oct/09 so i decide to use this  earlier to let you know to visit here often ^_^)

Speical Thanks to Morok for Translation check Chapter 108/Translation Chapter 109 and  Our new Typesetter Kilimonian





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